Become a Certified Aromatherapist from the comfort of your own home. Move to a new level of excellence in essential oils with personalized training.

Instructor, Leiann King, is a Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Holistic Iridologist and Master Herbalist. Leiann has decades of experience and hands on teaching that will help you go beyond the basics with exciting educational training webinars, q&a’s, podcasts and more. You even get to color!

This one of a kind program features Aromatic IridologyTM. 

Aromatherapy. Iridology. Each standing together like two bottles of essential oils, synergized to help weaknesses become strengths.


“We do not treat or cure disease. We … support and promote the structure and function of the entire body.

Your body’s inherent ability to fix itself is greater than anyone has led you to believe.”                     

  Peter Glidden, ND

Leiann King



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  Open to all levels of experience, no prerequisites except an open mind and fun attitude! To get certified by Applied Aromatic Institute is simple and fun, and then you can call yourself a Professional Certified Aromatherapist. Simply finish at your own pace:

● Complete all 13 modules in the course  which cover aromatherapy, anatomy/physiology and aromatic iridology. 

● Watch fun videos, read informative material, complete simple quizzes,and make your own blends and personal care products.  We even have a coloring book for you to learn anatomy!

 ● Pick 5 friends and do 4 case studies on each of them, 20 total.  You simply need to try oils on them and see how they worked and let us know using our simple forms.

● Write a 8-­10 page paper about your favorite aromatherapy subject. Spelling and grammar do not count we just want to hear what you are excited about !

 ● Participate in  small study group calls at least two times a month where where you will ­make new friends, share what you love about the lessons and learn from others insights.

● Attend 2 live all day events,  or an approved substitute we are flexible! Total 20 hours

● Record yourself teaching at least a 15 minute intro to essential oils. Teach anyone, even your cat or dog, we just want to listen in when your done.

● Complete and pass the final at an 80% score or better. We let you take it over 3 times. I know you’ll pass it the first time because you’re so amazing!

How long is all this going to take? We know you have a busy life, we do too. So it’s a 256 hour course including all the modules, your paper, case studies, live events, teaching recording. So that comes to only about 1 hour a day 5 days a week! EASY PEASY



Tuition is $1399.00 for the course. 

This does not include the required books and oils.

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